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North Wales Lesbian Line, The Greenhouse, 1, Trevelyan Terrace, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 1AX.


Phone us on 01248 351263 every Tues Eve 7-9pm


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A report by Health Promotion Wales in 1995 found that:

The proportion reporting recent lesbian activity in Wales, particularly in the rural areas, is second highest to Scotland, outside London, 3.4%, but received 70% disapproval of sex between women. It might be hypothesised that whilst gay men migrate to the city in search of anonymity and a less hostile and more supportive environment, women seek anonymity in rural settings.

- In other words - there's lots of us around, we're just in hiding!

Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles in Wales: Implications for Health Promotion, Tech report No.15 - K Wellings , J Wadsworth , L Whitaker & C Mogan.



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